Westwood T Series 4TRAC

Westwood T Series 4TRAC

For the ultimate in ‘all terrain’ mowing, the T1600 -4WD, T1800-4WD and T25-4WD apply 4TRAC, four wheel drive technology to a rugged and durable tractor design. The result being a garden tractor that can tackle steep inclines, traverse grassy banks and drive through the most challenging mud or wet ground. On a lawn, the 4WD westwoods Excels. due to an advanced Dynamic Traction control system, the tractor sences ground conditions and compensates drive accordingly. as you turn the out side front wheel is driven faster than the inner – this prevents any scuffing of the grass – perfect for mowinga manicured lawn or gain traction on a boggy pathway.

All 4WD tractors are fitted with an Electronic Slope Alert. This safety feature warns the operator when the tractor reaches a slop or incline too steep to be safe.

Prices depend on model, spec and attachments you would like. For further information, Prices or to arrange a Free no-obligation deminstartion in your garden please call or pop in store.

[btn label=”Request Order” url=”http://kgmltd.co.uk/order-now/”] Alternatively telephone: 01962 870254

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