Branson F36R Manual ROPS

Branson F36R Manual ROPS

Branson F36R Manual ROPS with BL15 Level Lift Loader and standard Bucket

Manufacturer: Branson Tractors

Length: 3096mm

Width: 1300mm

Height: 2546mm on Aggs

Wheelbase: 1670mm Ground Clearance 335mm

Weight: 1450kg

Towing Capacity Unbraked: 3000Kg Braked: 3500Kg

Engine Type: Water Cooled 3 Cylinder Diesel

Engine Rated Power: 35hp @ 2600rpm

Engine Displacement: 1714ccm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 27L PTO power 30hp @ 2600rpm

PTO Speed Rear: 560 /780

Transmission: Synchro shuttle 12F x 12R

3 Point Linkage: Category 1

Top Speed: 26kph

RRP Net £17,025.00 + VAT
KGM Promotion Price Net £10,500.00 + VAT

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