24% Off Backpack Power Blowers

24% Off Backpack Power Blowers

Place your order before November 2017 to receive an incredible 37% Discount


SRP (Ex-VAT): £549.17
24% Discount Price £417.37 + VAT
The PB-770 is ECHO’s largest and most powerful backpack blower. It features a 63.3cc two-stroke engine and comes with spring-mounted vibration isolation system and ergonomic backpack frame for enhanced operator comfort.


SRP (Ex-VAT): £432.50
24% Discount Price £328.70 + VAT
ECHO’s PB-580 is a mid-sized backpack blower. Its 58.2cc engine has an output of 2.05kW and with the machine weighing just 10.3kg. The PB-580 has a superb power-to-weight ratio.


SRP (Ex-VAT): £337.50
24% Discount Price £256.50 + VAT
The PB-265ESLT is a compact backpack blower. Powered by a 25.4cc two-stroke engine and featuring Easy Start. The PB-265ESLT is a favourite with homeowners and landscapers being both lightweight and powerful.


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