Aspen Fuel – Our Guide

Aspen Fuel – Our Guide

We are now distributors for Aspen Fuels, we reccomend their products beacause of the many advantages Aspen Fuels have over regular petrol. Here is a few reasons we advise you to switch to Aspen Fuels.

Conventional petrol deteriorates quickly, becoming stale after only 30 days; this can cause starting problems and lack of power. Petrol older than 6 months can cause internal damage to fuel systems, resulting in costly repairs.

Aspen fuel is “stable” and will last for 5 years without deteriorating or losing performance. It will not cause any damage to fuel systems. Use of Aspen will also result in a longer life for your machine and a more pleasant working environment for the operator, due to the absence of harmful fumes from the exhaust.

Aspen 2T (for 2 stroke engines) benefits from being pre-mixed with 2 stroke oil, eliminating costly mistakes from incorrect mixing at home.

Both Aspen 2T and 4T can be purchased from out sales/parts showroom in 5 litre cans, for more information please contact us.


If your machine has been into a service with us recently, your machine has been returned to you with Aspen fuel in its tank to ensure that it will start easily, even after extended storage.

We strongly suggest that you continue to use Aspen fuel, but if you wish to revert to standard “pump” petrol, please ensure that you use only fresh petrol, preferably treated with fuel stabiliser.

Please dispose of any “pump” petrol more than 3 months old in a safe manner.

Problems caused by the addition of stale or contaminated fuel, even straight after a service, can be rectified, but at your cost rather than under our warranty.

For more information on Aspen fuels, Please contact us or call our parts/service department on 01962 870254 Ext 4.