Lawn Mower – Bad Starting Tips

Lawn Mower – Bad Starting Tips

Are you getting tired of pulling that lawn mower engine over and over before it starts?

If that applies to your lawn mower then follow our three step guide:

1. Empty the lawn mower of any old/stale fuel and refuel with new, clean, good quality fuel.

2. Remove and clean or replace the spark plug. A nice clean spark plug will get you a healthy spark.

3. Remove and clean the air filter, paper air filters can be blown out or replaced, foam filters can be washed in petrol and replaced. This helps with the air and fuel mix.

After completing the above steps, if you are still pulling hard and there is no life in your engine, the call our service centre for a lawn mower service or our sales team for a new lawn mower quotation from our large range of lawn mowers starting prices £199.00 to £1000.00.

Buying a new lawn mower is an expense we would rather not have, so buy the correct lawn mower for your requirements which is why it is important to purchase from a specialist, we will sell you the right machine for the job required. Not only that, we can continue the life of your machine bu offering excellent aftercare services.

Call today on 01962 870254 for details.


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