Trimmer Heads

Trimmer Heads

A guide to buying the right Trimmer Head for your machine..

Fully Automatic 

On these trimmer heads the line is automatically thread when it becomes to short to be productive in use. To ensure that the machine has the best performance the line self adjusts.

Semi Automatic 
“Tap n’ Go heads, which are fed automatically while allowing you to be totally in control. The trimmer head is fed the line automatically when pushed into the ground.


Manually fed heads through pushing or turning the feed button or spool and pulling the cord. You are in control of the length so to achieve the desired look.
Easy to use due to minimal maintenance. The line feed is quick and easy and can usually be done without opening the trimmer head.
Tri Cut 
Ideal for corse surfaces such as stones, these trimmer heads are very distinctive. Using plastic knifes instead of line. High visibility and replaceable flails are available for safe use around trees and  bushes.
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