Compact-Pro Series

Compact-Pro Series

On the trailer this machine is sized just right, through narrow  gates and in those tight, confounded spaces on the ground, you’ll find it’s size is a big advantage.

Heavy-duty canister air cleaner allows for cleaner intake air to be delivered to the engine, this optimises engine performance and extends engines life. Quick release deck lift makes it easy to change  from one cutting height to the next; nine cutting heights are available in 1.3cm (1/2″) increments.

Larger diameter fuel cap: speeds refuelling, which enhances operator productivity.

7-gauge fabricated and welded x-factor deck design: assure lasting performance.

High back seat with armrests: comfortably cradles the operator to minimise fatigue.

Adjustable flip-out control arms: provides easy cockpit entry and exit with vibration isolators adding operator comfort.

  • Compact-pro: 34
  • Model: 991301
  • Kawasaki FX: 16hp/603cc
  • Cutting Width: 86cm (34″)
  • Ground Speed (fwd/rev): 11.4kph/6kph (7mph/3.7mph)
  • Fuel Capacity: 27.6l/7.3gal

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