Gravely Pro-Turn 200XDZ Series

Gravely Pro-Turn 200XDZ Series

Turn to the one machine that’s all business. Everything here has been ratcheted up, everything that is, except the price. Take a test drive and you’ll understand. It is the best commercial mower investment you can make this year.

Unique boxed frame for engine and transmission adds strength and support. Isolates the operator from vibration, which improves productivity by decreasing fatigue. Lowers the centre of gravity for increased hillside stability and operator confidence.

89% fewer leak points than a separate pump and wheel motor transmission which minimises maintenance. 1.3cm (1/2″) wear bar integrated into the deck and two additional gussets guard against leading edge or baffle bending. Foldable ROPS as standard.

Simplified, yet beefed up deck lift: 17 cutting positions in 0.6cm (1/4″) increments from 3.8-14cm (1.5-5.5″)

Double sided anti-scalp brackets: eliminate bending and breaking of scalp rollers.

Full suspension seat with armrests: cradles the operator in comfort, has been lowered to increase overall mower stability.

Robust, 0.6cm )1/4″) thick wall steel frame tubbing: provides industry leading durability.

Designaetd trailer tie-down points: safeguard the machine during transport.

Strong front forks: with larger fork shafts and bearings add durability and enhance manoeuvrability.

7-gauge fabricated and welded X-Factor Deck design: assures lasting performance. Maintenance-free XL Spindles with durable cast iron housings.

Wider Stance: improves overall stability and traction.

  • Pro-Turn: 252
  • Model: 992325
  • Kawasaki FX: 26hp/852cc
  • Cutting Width: 132cm(52″)
  • Ground Speed (fwd/rev): 15.3kph/8kph (9.5mph/5mph)
  • Fuel Capacity: 52.2l/13.8gal

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