ZS 3200 Series TimeCutter

ZS 3200 Series TimeCutter

For more than 25 years, Toro has been manufacturing zero-turn mowers that deliver the outstanding quality of cut associated with the Toro brand along with the time savings only zero-turn technology can offer.

Zero Turn Technology: With zero turn technology, you can easily trim close to trees, flower beds, and other objects in your garden.

Two Easy-to-Use Levers: Replace the hand and foot controls on a tractor, including the steering wheel, gas pedal and brake.

Unobstructed Visibility: With the engine in the rear, it’s easy to see what’s ahead for mowing around landscaping.

Smart Speed: An exclusive Toro innovation, the Smart Speed control system lets you choose different ground speed ranges with the shift of a lever without changing the blade or engine speeds. You can mow large, open areas at a high speed range, or change to a lower speed range for controlled maneuvering around trees, gardens and landscaping.

The Patented Toro® Recycler Cutting System: Chops the clippings repeatedly into tiny bits and forces them back into the turf where they decompose quickly and provide nutrients and moisture to the soil.

  • Engine: 11,2 kW (15 hp) Kohler® Courage® Twin Cam
  • Transmission: Dual Hydrostatic
  • PTO Clutch: Electric
  • Deck: 82 cm 1-blade Recycler®
  • Height of Cut: 38-114 mm
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited

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