Billy Goat DL1301 H 13hp truck loader

Billy Goat DL1301 H 13hp truck loader

Maximixe leaf loads and minimize dump runs with Billy Goat’s NEW DL Series Debris Loaders. The Dual Shredding Technology with Piranha™ Blade allows you to shred and load across multiple properties reducing costly dumping fees. More and more, trash haulers are prohibited from accepting yard waste. Take advantage of this trend and grow your business in leaf removal.

Billy Goat DL Series Debris Loaders offer a variety of CustomFit™ options to fit to your truck or trailer. Base units can be skid mounted to a truck or trailer or customized with optional tailgate hangers. Another mounting option is a swing away hitch allowing for the DL Series to be mounted to a standard 3 point hitch behind the truck and can be swung out of the way when dumping. The DL Series also features optional vertical and horizontal discharge extensions to create a CustomFit™ no matter what your truck or trailer combination. Remember, Clean Up In All Seasons with Billy Goat!

Piranha™ Blade: Maximize truckloading and debris reduction with our dual shredding system.

Maximum Power: Power from 12HP LCT, 13HP Honda, gives this unit all the power it needs for thatch, grass clippings, leaves or whatever else is hidden.

Flexible Urethane Intake Hose: Clear hose to confirm the awesome suction power and work being performed

No Tool, Hand Adjustable Rotating Exhaust

Easily changes the direction of the exhaust.

45 degree rotational locking positions

Intake Hose Storage: Simple Secure nozzle hook for convenient and efficient storage in transit

Safety Kill Switch: Quick Connect/release hose clamp with safety interlock

Lawn Thatch Removal (following Power Raking)
Leaf & Debris Removal
Litter Removal

  • Power Model: DL1301H 13 HP Honda
  • Unit Weight: DL1301H – 238 lbs.
  • Housing: NEW DL 01 Series offers CustomFit™ kits to build a machine just right for your job! Vertical volute 10-gauge steel with replaceable steel housing liners.
  • Impeller: Dual Shredding system with Piranha blade for max truck loading. Up to 18” diameter, 4 or 6-blades with up to 18 cutting points for a 12:1 reduction ratio.
  • Hose: DL1301H – 8″ x 10′
  • Frame: 10-gauge steel with mounting holes
  • Exhaust: DL01 Series – 7″ diameter with No Tool, Hand Adjustable Rotating Exhaust

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