Tracmaster BCS 740

Tracmaster BCS 740

For areas which need to remain accessible when it snows, BCS Crusader Snow Clearing Machinery is the answer.

The BCS 740 offers a powerful engine and additional working speeds.  It is a rugged machine capable of operating the three snow clearing implements available:

Snow Blower (70cm) – Suitable for blowing snow 50cm deep over 15m in distance. The chute can be directed easily to each side and the height at which the snow is blown can be controlled.

Snow Plough (100cm) – Simple and effective plough for moving larage amounts of snow. The Snow plough can be angled to either side to ensure the snow is rolled off the surface you want to clear.

Snow Brush (100cm) – The Snow Brush clears snow up to 10-15cm deep leaving a clear and safe surface for cars and pedestrians to walk upon.

This robust machine can also operate a range of other front mounted implements giving it all-year round versatility and making it a great investment.

Please note this is the power unit only and does not include the implements.  Simply choose the implements that are best suited to your particular requirements


Engine: 13hp Honda GX390 petrol engine
Weight: 90kg
Speeds: 3 forward + 3 reverse + travel
Warranty: Domestic – 3 years / Commercial – 2 years
Wheels: 5.00 x 10 with locking diifferential
Working Speeds (kph): Forward:   I = 1.14     II = 2.63     III = 3.88

Reverse:   I = 1.20     II = 2.77     III = 4.