Hayter Scarifier SP36

Hayter Scarifier SP36

The ‘SP36’ Scarifier provides an easy solution to achieving the perfect lawn. Featuring a Briggs & Stratton™ Series 550 engine powering 15 fixed cutting blades, this machine will allow you to de-thatch and help maintain a healthy, lush lawn. Cutting depth is set by operating a single, simple and easy to use lever, providing 5 settings and a transport position allowing movement over the lawn and paving without damaging the turf or blades.

Simple adjustment: Single lever height adjustment system with transport position for ease of operation.

Power and reliability: Powerful Briggs & Stratton Series 550 OHV engine provides durability and plenty of power to tackle thatch and moss.

Fixed blades: Fifteen fixed-blade cutting system aerate and scarify by removing stubborn thatch and moss, allowing light, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

  • Engine: Briggs and Stratton Series 550
  •  Cylinder Displacement: 155cc
  •  Starting System: Recoil start
  •  Working Width: 36cm
  •  Working Height: 1 – 20 mm
  •  Blades: Fifteen Fixed Blades
  •  Bag Volume: 40 litres
  •  Weight: 32kg

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