Mitox 430U

Mitox 430U

The Mitox 430 U is a top of the range semi-professional brush cutter, featuring a powerful 42.7cc engine and a “U” handle, for use in the toughest conditions. As with all Mitox Brush Cutters, this model utilises an efficient, reliable two-stroke engine fitted with a transmission clutch which transmits power through a solid steel drive shaft to the high performance gearbox. A shoulder harness is supplied, designed to reduce operator fatigue.

Advanced Features: All Mitox machines have advanced features, normally only found on more expensive machines.

Bump-Feed cutting head: A simple feature to use, the bump-feed cutting head will spool out nylon line with a simple bump on the ground. A quicker and easier hassle-free solution to manual feed heads, as there is no need to leave the operating position to attend to the cutting head.

Anti-Vibration Points: This machine has been fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.

  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Power: 42.7cc
  • Handle Type: U Handles
  • Nylon Head: Auto Bump Feed
  • Metal Blade: 3 Tooth Blade
  • Vibration: Highest Single Axis 4.5
  • Vibration: Vector
  • Weight: 7.5kg

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