Mitox BV280

Mitox BV280

The BV-280 is a lightweight hand held blower/vacuum which can move leaves & debris just as easily as it can collect and mulch with its 10:1 reduction ratio. With a reliable 25.4cc engine the BV-280 reaches wind speeds of 55 m/sec, and is a truly versatile machine.

Advanced Features: All Mitox machines have advanced features, normally only found on more expensive machines.

Easy To Use: The BV280 blowvac is lightweight and has conveniently placed handles making it a very easy product to use.

Blower/Vacuum: As well as being a blower the BV280 can also be used as a vacuum. It will collect and mulch debris when being used as a vacuum.

  • Type: Hand Held
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Power: 25.4cc
  • Blowing Speed: 55 m/sec
  • Collection: Yes + Mulch
  • Vibration: Highest Single Axis 7.4
  • Vibration: Vector
  • Weight:  5.5kg

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