Mitox CS450X Premium

Mitox CS450X Premium

The CS450X packs a powerful 45 cm3 engine, with a shorter 16” Oregon guide bar ensuring maximum power and performance – when working with tough knotty wood where a longer guide bar would start to struggle, the CS450X keeps on cutting. The magnesium alloy crankcase combined with the shorter guide bar saves weight and improves balance, making the CS450X easy to operate in the harshest conditions. Starting is made easy with the addition of a decompression valve, whilst extended periods of work are catered for by tool free access to the air filter, fuel and chain oil tanks.

Engine Type Air Cooled 2-Stroke
Displacement 45.0 cm3
Power Output 1.8 kW
Carburettor Walbro Japan
Guide Bar Type Oregon
Guide Bar Size 16”
Chain Type, Pitch / Gauge Oregon, .325 / .058
Fuel / Oil Mixture 40 : 1
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.55 litres
Oil Tank Capacity 0.26 litres
Dry Weight 6.2 kg (inc. bar & chain)

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