Manége Arena Leveller MG250

Manége Arena Leveller MG250

Spring Tines agitate the surface and mix fibres back into sand. Recommended for all surfaces, essential for fibre-stabilised or rubber crumb (optional)

Spring Tine kit – An essential option for almost all surfaces, and highly recommended even for silica sand surfaces, to prevent hard spots appearing. Aerates & agitates the surface to ensure correct orientation of fibres or surface material. Available pre-fitted on delivery, or as a retro-fit option should your grading requirements change in the future.

  • Transport Lever with working & transport modes save you time and effort grading Precision Depth Control for grading depth
  • Adjustable Drawbar permits attachment to almost any vehicle
  • Flotation tyres allow the MG250 to run smoothly over any terrain
  • Wheel Track Leveller keeps the MG250 grading consistently. Automatically engages & disengages
  • Perimeter Blade draws in edge material to prevent ‘banking’ of your surface Wheel Track Leveller keeps the Rear Roller firms and consolidates the surface after levelling to improve surface feel. Essential for advanced surfaces (optional)
  • Rear Roller – For a one pass finish or where consolidation is required. Highly recommended for large arenas, or those containing advanced fibres such as CombiRide, CLOPF & Turfloat surfaces. Sealed bearings allow the roller to work smoothly, and require minimal maintenance. Unique design allows the roller to be used independently, as extra ballast when heavy grading is required, or in normal operation, as a following consolidation roller.

The MG250 Manége Grader will ensure the perfect equestrian riding and schooling surface with any arena surface material. With optional attachments to allow use on rubber crumb, wood chip and fibre-stabilised sand, the Ménage Grader will maintain any surface. Available as a towed / trailed unit, for use behind any ATV, UTV, 4×4 or compact tractor, the surface grader is exceptionally quick and easy to use, giving a consistent surface finish every time. Wheel track levellers fitted on all machines ahead of the large flotation tyres enable a smooth ‘one-pass’ grading process, perfect for busy equestrian centres or events where time is at a premium. Easy to operate transport & working modes with infinite depth adjustment save you effort whilst grading your arena.

Maintaining your Investment Arenas, sand schools and gallops need regular and careful maintenance to ensure you get the best from your investment, whether it a new arena, or just a new surface on an existing base. The MG250 surface leveller enables quick and efficient levelling of the ruts and marks left after use, on sand, rubber, waxed & fibre-stabilised surfaces of all types. Ideal for use behind you existing ATV / Compact Tractor, the MG250 manege grader with its 2.4m (8’) working width & tough spring tines allow you to maintain your arena quickly and efficiently.
A rear roller is available to firm and consolidate the surface after levelling, and a variety of roller styles are offered To suit your individual requirements

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