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Billy Goat MV650H Multi Vacuum

Billy Goat’s new MultiVac creates the standard by which all outdoor vacuums will now be measured. The MV650H features zipperless, easy empty bags, and suction to spare. Billy Goat engineers started with a unique top-fill design, to keep dust away from the operator. From there they added an adjustable intake, which can be adjusted from the operator’s position for turf, hard surfaces or completely closed when using the optional hose kit. Leaves are collected into a 32-gallon zipperless bag, using the quality Honda engine. The composite housing is lightweight, yet more resistant to dents, rust or abrasion than steel. Micro-adjustable Height Control: Crank style for optimum performance on turf or hard surfaces. Unique Top-Fill Design: Keeps dust out of operator’s face and ensures optimum filling. Adjustable, Remote Intake Door: Opens large enough to inhale leaves five inches deep and closes down to create high lift velocity for dense, heavy debris on hard surfaces. Engine: Honda GSV190 Power: 6.5hp Suction Width: 29in / 73.6cm Capacity: 40 gallons / 150 litres Self Drive: No Suction Height: Infinite adjustment via crank Dimensions: L61.5 x W29 x H47.5 in / L1562 x W736 x H1206 mm Wheel Size: 14 x 2.5 in / 355 x 63 mm Semi-Pneumatic [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...

Billy Goat KV650SPH Leaf Vacuum

Since their introdution in 1970, Billy Goat vacuums have excelled at cleaning up leaves, litter and other debris that accumulates outside the home. This vacuum is perfect for clearing leaves and other litter from the yard or patio, and make quick work of cleaning out the garage. Bag zippers have now been eliminated in favour of simple to use marine style clasps that open and close easily and reliably for years to come. The new breathable, hard bottom mesh turf bag has an integral dust cover and loads from the bottom. Head: 27″ suction head Type: Self propelled model Wheels: 4 large wheels Bag: New “zipperless” bag Engine: 6.5hp Honda engine [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...
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