Pro-Walk Mowers

Active ACT4300SB

Blades: designed to get the best grass collection in any working conditions, even in wet grass. Handles: adjustable in height. Three positions guarantee any user maximum comfort. Ergonomic Handles: designed to have all controls at easy reach. Easy Fold Handle: makes storage and transportation easy. Gearboxes: exclusively designed for active mowers. Aluminium case, bronze gear, bushings and bearings, and disc clutch, for high performance. Grass Catcher: manufactured using strong fabric material. The spoon guarantees a clean chute when emptying the catcher. Wheels: double sealed bearings and heavy duty rubber tyres. Some models are equipped with aluminium wheels. Engine: 158cc Briggs & Stratton 550 Series Deck thickness: 1.8mm Propulsion: Single speed self propelled Width of cut: 16″ Height of cut: 6 positions / 25mm-75mm Grass Bag: 55ltr Weight: 36kg [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...
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