Camon LR40

The CAMON LS42R Lawn Rake offers the ability for all year round scarification, allowing lawns to be manicured into a superb condition. Fitted with durable free swinging springs, the LR40 effortlessly cleans lawns of unwanted moss and thatch without aggressively disrupting the healthy growing grass. Features of the LS42R include a floating front axle to follow undulating contours, a large collection bag and an easily adjustable height control. The spring rotor itself can also be fitted to the CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier and LS42F Verticutter models. Engine: 5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol/5hp Briggs & Startton petrol Working Width: 420mm Weight: 47kg LxWxH (cm): 80x64x60 [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...

Camon LS42

The CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier offers truly effective performance results. No other comparable machine is able to remove the same quantity of moss or thatch from lawns, which is why it has become the preferred choice for lawn care specialists, hire shops, landscapers and home owners across the UK. The independently sprung free-swinging blades have a staggered layout for maximum efficiency and are of a “waisted” design so they keep their edge for longer and continue to provide fantastic performance. The blade assembly can be removed and reversed very easily to double the life of the blades. The LS42 Lawn Scarifier has a reliable centrifugal clutch which, through a permanently tensioned belt, provides drive to the blades. The permanent tensioning of the belt ensures that the belt life is considerably prolonged whilst the centrifugal clutch ensures that the Scarifier will not operate when the engine is idling. The floating front axle of the LS42 Lawn Scarifier allows it to follow the contours of the lawn, and a lockable fine height adjustment alters the working height of the blades. Engine: 5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol/5hp Briggs & Stratton petrol Working width: 420mm (17″) Weight: 50kg LxWxH (cm): 80x64x60 [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...
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