AL-KO Silentec 5000

The AL-KO silent power SP5000 shredder has an ingenious design that “pulls” material matter through, squashing and cutting it silently and safely. If you live in a built-up area, this quiet machine is ideal. Automatic kickback-free feeder mechanism with shredder roller made in hardened steel, crushes branches for accelerated composting. Automatic shutdown when branches are jammed; plus anti-locking mechanism. Reverse rotation to remove jammed material. Sturdy undercarriage with large wheels for enhanced stability and easy transport. As the material is crushed, micro-organisms will find plenty to feed on, accelerating the decompostion process. Collapsible Mulch Sack: This handy waste sack is standard and practical for collection and transport of mulch, the sack is made from washable nylon. The spring fitted ensures a stable stand and space-saving storage. User friendly: Should the feed unexpectedly block – just turn the switch and reverse the feed to free the obstruction. Strong technology: The unique cutting technique where the material is pressed against the reverse roller then crushed and cut ensures maximum output with mimimum noise. Motor voltage/watts: 2.30v/2,500W Zero voltage switch: Yes Fuse: 13 amp Shredding System: Steel gear Max. branch capacity: 40mm Height: 89cm Wheel Size: 200mm Weight: 26kg [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...

Power Slider 2500

The Power Slider 2500R Shredder is designed for the small-medium sized gardens. This Shredder uses modern, corrosion resistant materials to ensure a longer life. In addition, the plastic housing is designed to keep the noise levels low. Featuring a shredding guide system: improved hopper design with built in guide plate. New, specially designed large hopper for kickback-free feed. Great shredding performance. Minimised risk of clogging. Reduced kickback. Compact design with maximum output at minimum noise. Central locking screw for quick access to the cutting tool for easy cleaning. Robust and sturdy undercarriage for easy transport and improved stability. Motor voltage/watts: 230v/2,500 Zero voltage switch: Yes Fuse: 13 amp Shredding System: Blades Branch Capacity: 40mm Total Height: 95cm Wheel Size: 200mm Weight: 20kg [btn label=”Request Order” url=””] Alternatively telephone: 01962...
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