Eliet Major Honda

The ergonomics of the Major will knock you out. It harmoniously combines a wide feed-in opening for past processing of various types of waste, with compactness and user-friendliness. Even crooked branches with twigs are not a problem. Most importantly, the waste treatment process is exceptionally safe. The machine is equipped with a specially mounted safety net, emergency shutdown, steel safety shield and heavy-duty debris guard. The robust construction is modelled on Eliet’s professional shredders. Belt drive: The transmission absorbs the dynamic strength of the crankshaft and increases the drive torque on the knife drum, which runs on separate bearings. Large pneumatic tyres: Vibrations and noise are reduced by the pneumatic tyres. The large easy-roll bearing wheels make for easy manoeuvrability even on bumpy ground. Reversible hard steel blades: Razor-sharp blades chip all kinds of garden waste into high-quality chippings. You can reverse the blades so that they last twice as long. Capacity: 24 (Wheelbarrows / hour) Power: 9hp Transmission: V-Belt XPA 1600 Dimensions: 1290 x 630 x 1280mm (L x W x H) Weight: 120kg Number of Blades: 20 HS Steel Engine: Combustion [btn label=”Request Order” url=”http://kgmltd.co.uk/order-now/”] Alternatively telephone: 01962...

Eliet Maestro

The Eliet Maestro is a powerful machine that show no mercy to your organic garden or kitchen waste. This shredder not only put in a top performance, it is very comfortable to use. The wide feed-in opening, ergonomic loading hopper and board collection bag make garden waste treatment a pleasure. Its large wheels take this machine to every corner of the garden. The collection bag: There will be no waste around your machine or on your machine or on your lawn, because the chips are collected in a practical portable collection bag. Loading Hopper: A wide hopper maximises comfort when it comes to feeding in branches with twigs, leaves and kitchen waste. Robust construction: Eliet machines are all steel constructions, protected by layer of expoxy paint, guaranteeing years of pleasure. Capacity: 12 (wheelbarrows / hour) Power: 5.5hp Transmission: Cranckshaft mounted Dimensions: 1380 x 640 x 1260 (L x W x H) Bag Volume: 125L Weight: 50kg Number of Blades: 12 HS Steel [btn label=”Request Order” url=”http://kgmltd.co.uk/order-now/”] Alternatively telephone: 01962...
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